How much does land cost today? This is one of the most frequent
questions we hear from both buyers and sellers. Because of the
many variables affecting the cost of land, there is not a simple

* Location
* Accessibility Zoning
* Entitlements
* Environmental Issues
* Topography
* Available Utilities
* Size
* Proposed Use
* Deed Restrictions and
* These are all contributing factors that can affect the final selling

For years, people have relied on us for our knowledge of the
marketplace. Our land experience started more than 30 years ago,
with Hasten Commercial Real Estate . Today, our
land brokerage capabilities extend throughout Dallas, Tarrant,
Denton, Collin, Grayson, Johnson and Wise counties.

Whether the assignment is to dispose of a one-acre site or acquire
1,000 acres, We have the proven expertise to assist with either
buying or selling land intelligently, helping our clients make the
very best deal.
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